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   Irrigation is the artificial supplying of water to the ground by man, so as to make his plants grow. The water can be pumped out from natural sources, like rivers or lakes, or from artificial ones like man-made drillings.


    The Greek reality and the role of Palaplast s.a.



   The climate of Greece is Mediterranean. This means that the Greek summers are prolonged and are characterized by high temperatures drought, with minimum of precipitation, whilw winters are mild. The lack of water, especially during the summer is a serious drawback that the Greek farmer has to face if he wants to see his cultivation grow. Moreover, recent scientific researches have shown that the climate of Greece is going to change dramatically during the next decates, becoming hotter and drier. This is due to the fact that Sahara's climate from the south is slowly but steadily advancing northerner. So irrigation methods and water saving are both important factors of the Greek farmer's prosperity the next years.


   Palaplast s.a. heaving skilled personall can offer technical support and solutions to every irrigation network. In addition, it possess the latest of mechanical machinery and a huge technological experience, facts wich make Palaplast a significant ally for any problem that the farmer can face. With a vast variety of irrigation pipes and fittings, Palaplast s.a. quarantees the efficiency of irrigation of any field for many years.


   Palaplast s.a. always paid gread attention to the new irrigation technologies. The fact is that a numerous seminars have been taken all those years from the employees in order to accustom themselves with every new technology acquired, which finally converts as a help to the farmer. The department of Quality Control is being constantly under improvement with the latest technological equipments. The supreme quality is quaranteed by the Certificate ISO 9001 and is proved daily by the products and services we offer to our customers.


   The total irrigation output of Palaplast s.a. concerning both pipes and fittings include:  


 -Pipes : LDPE, HDPE 80 (EN 12201), HDPE 80 (DIN 8074), HDPE 100, driplines, garden-hoses, greenhouse tudelayflats, and microtubes.

 -Fittings : butt-fusion, electrofusion fittings, compressionconnection, dripline fittings, drippers, drip-tape fittings, filters, garden fittings, greenhouse fittings, intended, layflat couplings, lock type, microfittings, microsprinklers, saddles, sprinklers, stands, u-PVC and valves.


   Palaplast s.a. support its customers with services and products that fulfil todays needs.